Cleanprint Notary Journal

Introducing the newest and most innovative notary journal available today. Our new journal format is a compilation of input and suggestions from California notaries. The layout is logical and easy to follow.

Our notary journal employs Cleanprint technology, a unique method of capturing thumbprints. Cleanprint is exclusive to our notary journal and is not available in other journal products.

Our new clear inkless pad produces permanent, black thumbprints in your journal, but unlike other inkless pads that leave a gray or black residue to be wiped off, our pad leaves absolutely no visible residue on your clients' skin.

Our inkless pad is easy to open, even with one hand, will stay shut when not in use and will not dry out over time. The pad size (2 inch square) makes it easy to capture anyone's thumbprint.

Journal Highlights
  • California compliant
  • Easy to understand instruction page
  • Both hard cover and soft cover editions
  • Thumbprint space
  • Totally clean, clear inkless pad included with journal
  • Price INCLUDES an inkless thumbprint pad

Example Page 1
Example Page 2

Cleanprint Notary Journal


Hard Cover Part Number: CNJ1

Price: $19.95

Soft Cover Part Number: CNJ2

Price: $15.95


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