SECUREPRINT has been providing the highest quality inkless fingerprinting products since 1987.  SECUREPRINT inkless fingerprint pads and our label systems are used by retail businesses, check cashers pawn shops, banks and S&L's, rental agencies, and government agencies ... all have found the simplicity and effectiveness of our inkless fingerprint pads and label kits to be the ideal way to protect their interests. Testing agencies, and medical labs use our inkless fingerprint pads to obtain high quality inkless fingerprints. Notaries include our inkless fingerprint pads in their list of notary supplies. Notary schools include our inkless fingerprint pads among the notary supplies they provide their clients.

Police and Sheriff's departments throughout the country recommend obtaining an inkless fingerprint or thumbprint on a customer’s check to deter fraud and aid them in the identification of criminals. After using out inkless fingerprint pads, many of our retail customers have voiced their appreciation when they notice a dramatic reduction in bad checks. In numerous instances we have heard their check problems disappear altogether after integrating our inkless fingerprint pads into their transaction process.

Notary's, please visit our full service notary insurance and supply website; jamesrossinsurance.com.  Be sure to check out our Cleanprint Journal, unique in the industry.  The journal comes with a completely clear pad that produces a permanent black print in the journal. 

With SECUREPRINT inkless fingerprint systems, it takes only a few seconds and a few cents to add an inkless fingerprint to any document. In conjunction with good ID taking practices, it's perhaps the best method for deterring fraud.

Whatever endeavor you're engaged in, no matter what type of documents you work with, SECUREPRINT can provide you with a matchless product for putting a black fingerprint on a piece of paper.  While other company’s products produce fingerprints of various colors, ours is true black, the industry standard for law enforcement.

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